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Model Call - models in Japanese costumersModel Call - Japanese CostumesLooking for models in Japanese costumes (kimonos, yukatas, costumes of Japanese arts or influence) for a class for professional photographers

Current Model Call

We are currently looking for models for the upcoming workshop on Embracing Japan... in Southern California.

Date: Saturday, November 6, 2021

Time: ~1-4 pm (Check-in starts at 12:30.)

Location: California Center for Digital Arts, 209 N Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92701

  • FANTASTIC opportunity for a free photo session with professional photographers and serious enthusiasts.

  • Models must bring and dress in their own Japanese outfits (kimonos, yukatas, or costumes of Japanese culture, arts, sports, and/or influence) and provide their own make-up (strongly recommended)

  • Models will work with different photographers in indoor, outdoor, and studio settings. Refreshments will be provided.

  • All ages are welcome. Minors must be accompanied by their legal guardians. Couples, families, and groups will also be considered.

  • Models MUST sign Model Releases for the photographers to use the images for marketing and image competitions. In return, models will get images in digital files for their own use and a coupon for a free print from our sponsor.

  • Models must apply online; we do not take on-site sign-up on the day of the class.

  • Screening starts on Monday, October 18 via Zoom. Selection results will be sent around October 31.

  • For your safety, we will follow COVID-19 guidelines and mandates by the CDC and Orange County.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the purpose of this photography workshop?

This is a continuing education workshop intended for professional photographers and serious enthusiasts to further their knowledge and skills. In particular, the class introduces Japan, its customs and cultures, places of interest, and etiquette expected of photographers. The model shoot portion of the workshop gives the photographers engaging hands-on experience with Japan while utilizing their existing photographic skills.

Our instructors are teaching as volunteers. The photographers pay their fees to support the Professional Photographers of California, a non-profit association.

  1. Do I need to pay a fee for the model call?

No. We are looking for models to volunteer their time and effort in exchange for professionally taken photographs at no extra cost.

  1. Do I get paid for modeling?

Not in monetary terms. Models will get digital images from the photographers for their use. Our sponsor is also giving out a coupon for a free print for your enjoyment.

  1. What costumes/attire are appropriate?

We aim to provide photographers with an authentic experience of working with Japan’s unique culture. Kimonos, yukatas, and any outfits of traditional Japanese arts and culture are preferred. Sports, pop culture, and cosplay may also be considered.

For this workshop, there are opportunities to be photographed in a studio, inside a historical building, and, weather permitting, outdoor. Please bring a pair of comfortable shoes to walk in addition to what is part of your attire/costume.

  1. Do you provide make-up, hair-make, and costumes/attire?

No, models are responsible for dressing up for the photoshoot.

  1. What is a model release? How will my images be used?

We ask all models to sign model releases to grant permission to our organizations, photographers, and their assignees to publish the images taken in the workshop. This release signifies your agreement to waive your privacy and allow the images to be publicly used, e.g. in marketing, social media, and photo competitions.

As the creators, the photographers retain copyrights to the images taken. In return for the models’ time and effort, the photographers will share the digital files and the right of personal use to the models.

  1. Do I get to use my images?

Yes! Models will get the images for personal use. If models want to use an image for commercial purposes (e.g. publishing in a for-profit magazine), please discuss with the photographer of the image.

  1. Can I alter the images?

The photographer of an image owns the copyright of that image. That means it is his/her personal property. If models want their images altered, please contact the photographer directly to discuss.

  1. Who are the instructors?

John Powers (Applesauce Photography) and Rebecca Li (Rebecca Li Photography) are award-winning photographers based in Southern California. Among the many hats they wear, they are first and foremost world travelers and big fans of Japan. They each have spent a fair amount of time visiting and living in Japan. Please visit their websites for their biographies, credentials, and awards.

  1. What is screening?

Screening is part of the model selection process. We meet with our candidates individually for a short chat to get to know each other and to ensure that expectations are met on both sides. 

  1. How do I apply to be a model? When will I know if I am selected?

Please fill out the online application form. We will call and email you to schedule the screening. After that, we will notify you of the results shortly, at least one week before the workshop. 

  1. What is the run-down of the day? What facilities will be provided?

Models will receive a photoshoot call sheet with detailed information. Check-in typically starts 30 minutes before the start time. There are restrooms for changing and make-up. Refreshments are provided.

  1. What if I still have questions?

No problem! Call or email us:
John Powers, Applesauce Photography, johnepowers[AT], (580) 574-4783
Rebecca Li Photography, rebeccaliphotography[AT], (781) 281-8885